Etcd cluster

Etcd clusterΒΆ


Kubernetes support termination notice

Starting with the MCP 2019.2.5 update, the Kubernetes component is no longer supported as a part of the MCP product. This implies that Kubernetes is not tested and not shipped as an MCP component. Although the Kubernetes Salt formula is available in the community driven SaltStack formulas ecosystem, Mirantis takes no responsibility for its maintenance.

Customers looking for a Kubernetes distribution and Kubernetes lifecycle management tools are encouraged to evaluate the Mirantis Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) and Docker Enterprise products.

In the MCP Kubernetes cluster deployment, etcd is used for both Kubernetes components and Calico networking. Etcd is a distributed key-value store that allows you to store data from cluster environments. Etcd is based on the Raft consensus algorithm that ensures fault-tolerance and high performance of the store.

Every instance of etcd operates in the full daemon mode participating in Raft consensus and having persistent storage. Three instances of etcd run in full mode on the Kubernetes Master nodes. This ensures quorum in the cluster and resiliency of service. The etcd service runs as a systemd service.