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Kubernetes support termination notice

Starting with the MCP 2019.2.5 update, the Kubernetes component is no longer supported as a part of the MCP product. This implies that Kubernetes is not tested and not shipped as an MCP component. Although the Kubernetes Salt formula is available in the community driven SaltStack formulas ecosystem, Mirantis takes no responsibility for its maintenance.

Customers looking for a Kubernetes distribution and Kubernetes lifecycle management tools are encouraged to evaluate the Mirantis Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) and Docker Enterprise products.

Mirantis Cloud Platform supports Calico as a networking solution for Kubernetes clusters.

Calico is a distributed networking controller integrated through the Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin that provides pure L3 networking to a Kubernetes cluster. Calico runs as a containerd container calico-node on the Kubernetes nodes. This container includes all Calico services.

When using Calico, the workload network, which is analogous to the tenant network in OpenStack, is combined with the public and storage networks into one flat L3 space. You can also specify the pool.address parameter for particular hosts to define an interface for the workload network traffic. This parameter defines a host IP address that is used as a source IP address to reach other nodes in a Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes has one logical network for all Kubernetes workloads. Each Kubernetes Master node and Kubernetes Node has one network interface for the traffic flow between nodes.


OpenContrail 4.x for Kubernetes 1.12 or later is not supported.