Deprecation notes

Deprecation notes

This section provides the details about deprecated and removed functionality that may have a potential impact on the existing MCP deployments.

Global artifacts migration

MCP has finalized the migration to a new mirror structure at The update details for the 2019.2.0 MCP Build ID are included in Deprecation notes for the model structure.

The structure changes apply automatically when the MCP deployment is upgraded to the new MCP Build ID.

The actual and rendered list of mirror repositories for each MCP version is always available in Release artifacts of the corresponding MCP release documentation branch.

Deprecation notes for the model structure

Deprecation notes for the model structure

Structure change details

Deprecated classes

New classes

The Salt formulas, OpenContrail, and updates repositories have been migrated from to Therefore, the new classes have been introduced and added into the system/linux/system/repo/mcp/apt_mirantis directory. Old classes have been deprecated.

  • system.linux.system.repo.mcp.salt

  • system.linux.system.repo.mcp.contrail

  • system.linux.system.repo.mcp.updates

  • system.linux.system.repo.mcp.apt_mirantis.salt-formulas

  • system.linux.system.repo.mcp.apt_mirantis.contrail

  • system.linux.system.repo.mcp.apt_mirantis.update

Deprecation notes for operations

Deprecation notes for operations

Affected component




Creation of Cinder multi-attach volumes and volume types

Disabled the capability to create multi-attach Cinder volumes and volume types in the OpenStack Ocata release since in that release the feature is experimental and not intended for production usage.



Deprecated Docker in the sake of containerd for a lower memory footprint, faster container start, easier updates or upgrades of containerd compared to Docker.

StackLight LMA

Notifications through the Push Notification service

Deprecated the capability to enable email or Salesforce notifications through the Push Notification service. To enable or switch to the Alertmanager-based notifications, see MCP Operations Guide: Enable StackLight LMA notifications.


Deprecated InfluxDB, InfluxDB Relay, and remote storage adapter. This functionality will be removed in the next release.

StackLight OSS

DevOps Portal

Deprecated the DevOps Portal OSS tools including the corresponding Salt formulas packages, pipeline jobs, and metadata model fragments.

Kubernetes support termination notice

Starting with the MCP 2019.2.5 update, the Kubernetes component is no longer supported as a part of the MCP product. This implies that Kubernetes is not tested and not shipped as an MCP component. Although the Kubernetes Salt formula is available in the community driven SaltStack formulas ecosystem, Mirantis takes no responsibility for its maintenance.

Customers looking for a Kubernetes distribution and Kubernetes lifecycle management tools are encouraged to evaluate the Mirantis Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS) and Docker Enterprise products.

Manila deprecation notice

In the MCP 2019.2.7 update, the OpenStack Manila component is being considered for deprecation. The corresponding capabilities are still available, although not further enhanced.

Starting with the 2019.2.11 maintenance update, the OpenStack Manila component will no longer be supported by Mirantis. For those existing customers who have the Manila functionality explicitly included in the scope of their contracts, Mirantis will continue to fulfill the corresponding support obligations.

Gainsight deprecation notice

Starting with the MCP 2019.2.9 update, the Gainsight integration service is considered as deprecated.