Mirantis Cloud Platform Release Notes

Mirantis Cloud Platform Release Notes

The Q4`18 MCP GA release focuses on the product quality, stability, and security being released without blocking and critical issues. The Q4`18 MCP release artifacts are tagged with the 2019.2.0 Build ID.

This release includes OpenStack Pike and Queens releases, OpenContrail 4.1 support for OpenStack, and Kubernetes 1.12 support.

MCP Q4`18 supports only Calico as a networking solution for the Kubernetes deployments.

The Devops Portal has been deprecated in the Q4`18 MCP release.

MCP Q4`18 also contains cumulative maintenance updates that are published in the update folder of the release repository. The MCP maintenance updates contain limited features and bug fixes including security and critical issues resolutions to enhance the Q4`18 MCP GA release version. For details, see: Maintenance updates.