Reference architecture

Reference architectureΒΆ

You can enable TLS encryption for OpenStack endpoints at deployment stage and access an environment through the OpenStack Dashboard using the HTTPS protocol. In the default configuration, Load Balancer (HAProxy) terminates TLS and forwards decrypted HTTP requests further to OpenStack API endpoints to avoid overloading OpenStack services, for example, when scaling, which may cause DoS or result in failures due to lack of testing. This architecture is based on the threat model where an attacker is outside.


The current architecture does not protect against internal attacks. For example, when a malicious administrator can access to the management network and private keys, or a malicious user can escape VM using a vulnerability in a hypervisor and gains access to the management network. In such case, API endpoints should employ TLS encryption using a separate key pair different from the one used for services in public network. Moreover, limit access to the key pair used to encrypt traffic in the Management network. Use IDS/IPS for admin networks to detect an anomaly in traffic as well.


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