Enable automated Ceph LCM

Enable automated Ceph LCMΒΆ

Ceph controller can automatically redeploy Ceph OSDs in case of significant configuration changes such as changing the block.db device or replacing Ceph OSDs. Ceph controller can also clean disks and configuration during a Ceph OSD removal.

To remove a single Ceph OSD or the entire Ceph node, manually remove its definition from the kaasCephCluster CR.

To enable automated management of Ceph OSDs:

  1. Log in to a local machine running Ubuntu 18.04 where kubectl is installed.

  2. Obtain and export kubeconfig of the management cluster as described in Connect to a Mirantis Container Cloud cluster.

  3. Open the KaasCephCluster CR of a managed cluster:

    kubectl edit kaascephcluster -n <managedClusterProjectName>

    Substitute <managedClusterProjectName> with the corresponding value.

  4. Set the manageOsds parameter to true:

        manageOsds: true

Once done, all Ceph OSDs with a modified configuration will be redeployed. Mirantis recommends modifying only one Ceph node at a time. For details about supported configuration parameters, see OSD Configuration Settings.