Mirantis Container Cloud Release Notes

Mirantis Container Cloud Release Notes

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Container Cloud release

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Supported Cluster releases


2.3.0 (current)

December 23, 2020

  • Support for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.3.4 and Mirantis Container Runtime 19.03.13

  • Support for multiple host-specific L2 templates per a bare metal cluster

  • Additional regional cluster on VMWare vSphere

  • Automated setup of an OVF template for the VMWare vSphere provider

  • StackLight support for VMWare vSphere

  • Improvements in the Container Cloud logs collection


November 5, 2020

  • Support for VMWare vSphere provider on RHEL

  • Kernel parameters management through BareMetalHostProfile

  • Support for multiple subnets per cluster

  • Optimization of the Container Cloud logs collection

  • Container Cloud API documentation for bare metal

* - the Cluster release version is deprecated and will become unsupported in one of the following Container Cloud releases. For details about unsupported releases, see Container Cloud releases history.