Back up and restore a MySQL database

Back up and restore a MySQL databaseΒΆ

The Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) uses MySQL databases to store the data generated by different components of MCP. Mirantis recommends backing up your MySQL databases daily to ensure the integrity of your data. You should create an instant backup before upgrading your MySQL database. You may also need to create a MySQL database backup for testing purposes.

MCP uses the Xtrabackup utility to back up MySQL databases. Xtrabackup installs automatically with your cloud environment using a SaltStack formula and includes the following components:

  • Xtrabackup server stores backups from rsynced Xtrabackup client nodes and runs on any node, for example, the Salt Master node.
  • Xtrabackup client sends database backups to the Xtrabackup server and runs on the MySQL Galera Database Master node.

This section describes how to create and restore your MySQL databases using Xtrabackup.