DevOps Portal

DevOps Portal


The DevOps Portal has been deprecated in the Q4`18 MCP release tagged with the 2019.2.0 Build ID.

MCP’s Operations Support System (OSS), known as StackLight, now includes DevOps Portal connected to OSS services. DevOps Portal significantly reduces the complexity of Day 2 cloud operations through services and dashboards with a high degree of automation, availability statistics, resource utilization, capacity utilization, continuous testing, logs, metrics, and notifications. DevOps Portal enables cloud operators to manage larger clouds with greater uptime without requiring large teams of experienced engineers and developers.

This solution builds on MCP operations-centric vision of delivering a cloud environment through a CI/CD pipeline with continuous monitoring and visibility into the platform.

The portal collects a comprehensive set of data about the cloud, offers visualization dashboards, and enables the cloud operator to interact with a variety of tools. More specifically, the DevOps Portal includes the following dashboards: