Cloud verification

Cloud verification

MCP enables the deployment, QA, support engineers, and cloud operators to perform functional as well as non-functional types of testing of cloud environments through DriveTrain using the Cloud Verification Pipeline (CVP) tooling.

CVP is a set of tools, procedures, and components allowing for automatic MCP deployments verification. CVP can be applied to the newly built deployments to verify the functionality, performance, and fault tolerance of cloud environments as well as to the exisiting deployments to verify their functionality and performance before and after any changes.

The main characteristics of CVP inlude:

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Resources cleanup after test run
  • Fully automated test runs
  • Granular configurable testing
  • Extensible tests enabling the operator to add custom tests in the PyTest format and extend the Tempest test framework for OpenStack functional tests

CVP requires the Internet connection to the following URLs:

If HTTP or HTTPS proxies are in use, they must be present in the Docker daemon configuration.

CVP pipelines work in the offline mode but some adjustments may be needed for MCP pipelines.

CVP pipelines
Jenkins pipeline Description Source code (GitHub)
CVP - Sanity checks Sanity testing to verify the cloud platform infrastructure components Mirantis/cvp-sanity-checks
CVP - Functional tests OpenStack functional integration testing (Tempest)
CVP - Performance tests OpenStack Rally-based baseline performance testing Mirantis/cvp-configuration
CVP - HA tests OpenStack high availability testing
CVP - StackLight tests StackLight LMA basic verification Mirantis/stacklight-pytest
CVP - Shaker network tests Data plane networking test Mirantis/cvp-shaker
CVP pipelines workflow
# Details
1 Enable CVP in the Reclass model if required.
2 Adjust a test set to the deployment-specific requirements if needed.
3 Configure a related Jenkins pipeline.
4 Build the pipeline.
5 Review test results.

This section explains how to perform different types of cloud verification using corresponding Jenkins pipelines.