Add new tests to the CVP - HA tests pipeline

Add new tests to the CVP - HA tests pipelineΒΆ

This section includes the instruction on how to extend the predefined OpenStack high availability tests.

To add custom OpenStack high availability tests:

  1. Clone the openstack/tempest Git repository to your local Gerrit repository.

  2. Check out the tempest repository from your local Gerrit.

  3. If required, create a new directory.

  4. Create a file for the new test or update the existing test file.

  5. Add the test code. Refer to Tempest Test Writing Guide in the OpenStack official documentation.

  6. Commit the changes to the local Gerrit.

  7. To perform the newly added test, run the CVP - Functional tests pipeline as described in Execute the CVP - HA tests pipeline, specifying the TEMPEST_TEST_PATTERN parameter according to your test/test class/suite name.


    Verify, that the TEMPEST_REPO value matches your local Gerrit copy of tempest.