Review the CVP sanity test results

Review the CVP sanity test resultsΒΆ

This section explains how to review the CVP Sanity checks trace logs from the Jenkins web UI.

To review the CVP Sanity checks results:

  1. Log in to the Jenkins web UI.

  2. Navigate to the build that you want to review.

  3. Find Test Results at the bottom of the Build page.

  4. Scroll down and click Show all failed tests to view a complete list of the failed tests.

  5. Click on the test of concern for details.


    A test name corresponds to the test file path in the test source repository. For example:

    • For MCP versions starting from the 2019.2.4 maintenance update, tests.test_mtu.test_mtu[mtr] corresponds to cvp-sanity/tests/
    • For MCP versions before the 2019.2.4 maintenance update, cvp_checks.tests.test_mtu.test_mtu[mtr] corresponds to cvp-sanity-checks/cvp_checks/tests/
  6. Review the lines beginning with the E letter in the trace.

    The following example illustrates the error for the mtr01 node, the mtu value for ens2 interface for which differs from other MTUs in the mtr group (1500 versus 1450).



    If you do not see the full log trace, use the Console output -> View as plain text Jenkins menu instead.