Add new tests to the CVP - StackLight tests pipeline

Add new tests to the CVP - StackLight tests pipelineΒΆ

This section includes the instruction on how to extend the predefined StackLight LMA tests.


Starting from the MCP 2019.2.4 maintenance update, the CVP - Stacklight test does not depend on the external repository, adding custom StackLight LMA tests is deprecated.

To add custom StackLight LMA tests prior to the MCP 2019.2.4 update:

  1. Clone the Mirantis/stacklight-pytest Git repository to a local Gerrit repository.

  2. Check out the stacklight-pytest repository from you local Gerrit.

  3. If required, create a new directory under stacklight-pytest/stacklight_tests/tests/.

  4. Create the test_<test_file_name>.py file where the test_ prefix is mandatory.

  5. Add the test code.

  6. Commit your changes to the local Gerrit.

  7. To perform the newly added test, run the CVP - StackLight tests pipeline as described in Execute the CVP - StackLight tests pipeline, specifying <default_path>/<new_folder_name>/test_<test_file_name> in the TESTS_SET field.


    Verify that the TESTS_SET value matches your local Gerrit copy of the stacklight-pytest repository.