View Netchecker metrics

View Netchecker metrics

MCP automatically configures Netchecker during the deployment of the Kubernetes cluster. Therefore, Netchecker starts gathering metrics as soon as the Kubernetes cluster is up and running. You can view Netchecker metrics to troubleshoot connectivity between the Kubernetes nodes.

To view Netchecker metrics:

  1. Log in to the Kubernetes Master node.

  2. Obtain the IP address of the Netchecker server pod:

    kubectl get pod -o json --selector='app==netchecker-server' -n \
    netchecker | grep podIP
  3. Obtain the Netchecker container port number:

    kubectl get pod -o json --selector='app==netchecker-server' -n \
    netchecker | grep containerPort
  4. View all metrics provided by Netchecker:

    curl <netchecker-pod-ip>:<port>/metrics
  5. View the list of Netchecker agents metrics:

    curl <netchecker-pod-ip>:<port>/metrics | grep ncagent

    Example of system response:

    # HELP ncagent_error_count_total Total number of errors (keepalive miss
    # count) for the agent.
    # TYPE ncagent_error_count_total counter
    ncagent_error_count_total{agent="cmp01-private_network"} 0
    ncagent_error_count_total{agent="cmp02-private_network"} 0
    ncagent_error_count_total{agent="ctl01-private_network"} 0
    ncagent_error_count_total{agent="ctl02-private_network"} 0
    ncagent_error_count_total{agent="ctl03-private_network"} 0

    For the list of Netchecker metrics, see: Netchecker metrics description.