Restart the OpenContrail services

Restart the OpenContrail servicesΒΆ

You may need to restart an OpenContrail service, for example, during an MCP cluster update or upgrade when a service failure is caused by the asynchronous restart order of the OpenContrail services after the kvm nodes update or reboot.

All OpenContrail 4.x services run as the systemd services in a Docker container.

All OpenContrail 3.2 services are managed by the process supervisord. The supervisord daemon is automatically installed with the OpenContrail packages including the following OpenContrail Supervisor groups of services:

  • supervisor-database
  • supervisor-config
  • supervisor-analytics
  • supervisor-control
  • supervisor-webui

To restart the OpenContrail 4.x services:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Restart the required service on the corresponding OpenContrail node using the following example:

    salt 'ntw03' 'doctrail controller service contrail-api restart'


    For a list of OpenContrail containers names to be used by the doctrail utility, see: The doctrail utility for the OpenContrail containers in OpenStack.

  3. If restarting of a service in question does not change its failed status, proceed to further troubleshooting as described in Troubleshoot OpenContrail. For example, to troubleshoot Cassandra not starting, refer to Troubleshoot Cassandra for OpenContrail 4.x.

To restart the OpenContrail 3.2 services:

  1. Log in to the required OpenContrail node.

  2. Select from the following options:

    • To restart the OpenContrail services group as a whole Supervisor, use the service <supervisor_group_name> restart command. For example:

      service supervisor-control restart
    • To restart individual services inside the Supervisor group, use the service <supervisor_group_service_name> restart command. For example:

      service contrail-config-nodemgr restart

    To identify the services names inside a specific OpenContrail Supervisor group, use the supervisorctl -s unix:///tmp/supervisord_<group_name>.sock status command. For example:

    supervisorctl -s unix:///tmp/supervisord_database.sock status

    Example of system response:

    contrail-database                RUNNING    pid 1349, uptime 2 days, 21:12:33
    contrail-database-nodemgr        RUNNING    pid 1347, uptime 2 days, 21:12:33
    supervisorctl -s unix:///tmp/supervisord_config.sock status
    contrail-api:0                   RUNNING    pid 49848, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    contrail-config-nodemgr          RUNNING    pid 49845, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    contrail-device-manager          RUNNING    pid 49849, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    contrail-discovery:0             RUNNING    pid 49847, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    contrail-schema                  RUNNING    pid 49850, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    contrail-svc-monitor             RUNNING    pid 49851, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    ifmap                            RUNNING    pid 49846, uptime 2 days, 20:11:54
    supervisorctl -s unix:///tmp/supervisord_analytics.sock status
    contrail-analytics-api           RUNNING    pid 1346, uptime 2 days, 21:13:17
    contrail-analytics-nodemgr       RUNNING    pid 1340, uptime 2 days, 21:13:17
    contrail-collector               RUNNING    pid 1344, uptime 2 days, 21:13:17
    contrail-query-engine            RUNNING    pid 1345, uptime 2 days, 21:13:17
    contrail-snmp-collector          RUNNING    pid 1341, uptime 2 days, 21:13:17
    contrail-topology                RUNNING    pid 1343, uptime 2 days, 21:13:17
    supervisorctl -s unix:///tmp/supervisord_control.sock status
    contrail-control                 RUNNING    pid 1330, uptime 2 days, 21:13:29
    contrail-control-nodemgr         RUNNING    pid 1328, uptime 2 days, 21:13:29
    contrail-dns                     RUNNING    pid 1331, uptime 2 days, 21:13:29
    contrail-named                   RUNNING    pid 1333, uptime 2 days, 21:13:29
    supervisorctl -s unix:///tmp/supervisord_webui.sock status
    contrail-webui                   RUNNING    pid 1339, uptime 2 days, 21:13:44
    contrail-webui-middleware        RUNNING    pid 1342, uptime 2 days, 21:13:44