Calico networking considerations

Calico networking considerationsΒΆ

As Kubernetes does not provide native support for inter-pod networking, MCP uses Calico as an L3 networking provider for all Kubernetes deployments through the Container Network Interface (CNI) plugin. The CNI plugin establishes a standard for the network interface configuration in Linux containers.

Calico ensures propagation of a container IP address to all Kubernetes Nodes over the BGP protocol, as well as provides network connectivity between the containers. It also provides dynamic enforcement of the Kubernetes network policies. Calico uses the etcd key-value store or the Kubernetes API datastore as a configuration data storage.

Calico runs in a container called calico-node on every node in a Kubernetes cluster. The calico-node container is controlled by the operating system directly as a systemd service.

The calico-node container incorporates the following main Calico services:

The primary Calico agent which is responsible for programming routes and ACLs, as well as for all components and services required to provide network connectivity on the host.
A lightweight BGP daemon that distributes routing information between the nodes of the Calico network.
Dynamic configuration manager for BIRD, triggered automatically by updates in the configuration data.

The Kubernetes controllers for Calico are deployed as a single pod in a Calico kube-controllers deployment that runs as a Kubernetes addon. The Kubernetes controllers for Calico are only required when using the etcd datastore, which is the default configuration in MCP. The Kubernetes controllers for Calico are enabled by default and are as follows:

Policy controller
Monitors network policies and programs the Calico policies.
Profile controller
Monitors namespaces and programs the Calico profiles.
Workload endpoint controller
Monitors changes in pod labels and updates the Calico workload endpoints.
Node controller
Monitors removal of the Kubernetes Nodes and removes corresponding data from Calico.