OpenContrail components

OpenContrail components


The OpenContrail versions support status:

  • OpenContrail 4.1 is fully supported.

  • OpenContrail 4.0 is deprecated and not supported for new deployments since MCP maintenance update 2019.2.4.

  • OpenContrail 3.2 is not supported for new deployments.

The difference between components in the specified OpenContrail versions is as follows:

  • In OpenContrail 3.2, services run as supervisor or non-supervisor services. In OpenContrail 4.x, all services run as systemd services in a Docker container.

  • In OpenContrail 4.x, the ifmap-server and contrail-discovery services are absent as compared to OpenContrail 3.2.

The OpenContrail services are distributed across several MCP cluster nodes:

  • For both versions of OpenContrail, the control, config, analytics, and database services run on the OpenContrail controller (ntw) and analytics (nal) nodes.

  • The vrouter OpenContrail services run on the OpenStack compute nodes (cmp).

  • The OpenContrail plugin is included to the neutron-server service that runs on the OpenStack controller nodes (ctl).

This section describes the OpenContrail 3.2 and 4.x services as well as their distribution across the MCP cluster nodes.