OpenContrail cluster overview

OpenContrail cluster overviewΒΆ

OpenContrail provides the following types of networking to an OpenStack environment running on MCP cluster:

  • Basic networking that includes IP address management, security groups, floating IP addresses, and so on
  • Advanced networking that includes DPDK network virtualization and SR-IOV

OpenContrail is based on the overlay networking, where all containers are connected to a virtual network with encapsulation (MPLSoGRE, MPLSoUDP, VXLAN).

In the current network model, the OpenContrail vRouter uses different gateways for the control and data planes.


The OpenContrail versions support status:

  • OpenContrail 4.1 is fully supported.
  • OpenContrail 4.0 is deprecated and not supported for new deployments since MCP maintenance update 2019.2.4.
  • OpenContrail 3.2 is not supported for new deployments.