OpenContrail IPv6 support

OpenContrail IPv6 support

OpenContrail allows running IPv6-enabled OpenStack tenant networks on top of IPv4 underlay. You can create an IPv6 virtual network through the OpenContrail web UI or OpenStack CLI in the same way as the IPv4 virtual network. The IPv6 functionality is enabled out of the box and does not require major changes in the cloud configuration. For an example of user workflow, see OpenStack Neutron IPv6 support in OpenContrail SDN.

The following IPv6 features are supported and regularly verified as part of MCP:

  • Virtual machines with IPv6 and IPv4 interfaces

  • Virtual machines with IPv6-only interfaces

  • DHCPv6 and neighbor discovery

  • Policy and Security groups

The following IPv6 features are available in OpenContrail according to the official documentation:

  • IPv6 flow set up, tear down, and aging

  • Flow set up and tear down based on TCP state machine

  • Protocol-based flow aging

  • Fat flow

  • Allowed address pair configuration with IPv6 addresses

  • IPv6 service chaining

  • Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP)

  • Connectivity with gateway (MX Series device)

  • Virtual Domain Name Services (vDNS), name-to-IPv6 address resolution

  • User-Visible Entities (UVEs)

The following IPv6 features are not available in OpenContrail:

  • Any IPv6 Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS)

  • IPv6 fragmentation

  • Floating IPv6 address

  • Link-local and metadata services

  • Diagnostics for IPv6

  • Contrail Device Manager

  • Virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE)