StackLight LMA

StackLight LMA


Fixed in 2019.2.4

CADF notifications are unavailable with Elasticsearch and Kibana v6. The workaround is to deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana v5 instead during the deployment of a new MCP cluster.


  1. Open your Git project repository with Reclass model on the cluster level.

  2. In classes/cluster/<cluster_name>/stacklight/log.yml, specify the elasticsearch_version: 5 and kibana_version: 5 parameters:

        elasticsearch_version: 5
        kibana_version: 5
  3. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  4. Apply the following states:

    salt '*' saltutil.refresh_pillar
    salt '*' state.sls linux.system.repo
  5. Proceed with further configuration as required.