MCP DriveTrain

MCP DriveTrain

Encryption of sensitive data in the Reclass model


Implemented the GPG encryption to protect sensitive data in the Git repositories of the Reclass model as well as the key management mechanism for secrets encryption and decryption.

Galera verification and restoration pipeline

Implemented the automatic way to verify and restore the Galera cluster in the MCP deployment. In case of a cluster outage, the number of manual steps to start the cluster, as well as ensuring the necessary access can significantly delay the restoration of services and is prone to operator errors. Therefore, to reduce the complexity of the procedure and support greater scalability, the Verify and Restore Galera cluster pipeline has been created.

Jenkins version upgrade

Upgraded the Jenkins version in DriveTrain to the latest LTS v2.138.3.

Partitioning table for the VCP images

Implemented the dynamical strategy to prevent uploads from filling up the disk on the VCP nodes.