Deploy Glance

Deploy GlanceΒΆ

The OpenStack Image service (Glance) provides a REST API for storing and managing virtual machine images and snapshots.

To deploy Glance:

  1. Install Glance and verify that GlusterFS clusters exist:

    salt -C 'I@glance:server and *01*' state.sls glance.server
    salt -C 'I@glance:server' state.sls glance.server
    salt -C 'I@glance:client' state.sls glance.client
    salt -C 'I@glusterfs:client' state.sls glusterfs.client
  2. Update Fernet tokens before doing request on the Keystone server. Otherwise, you will get the following error: No encryption keys found; run keystone-manage fernet_setup to bootstrap one:

    salt -C 'I@keystone:server' state.sls keystone.server
    salt -C 'I@keystone:server' ". /root/keystonercv3; glance image-list"