Deploy Tenant Telemetry

Deploy Tenant Telemetry

Tenant Telemetry collects metrics about the OpenStack resources and provides this data through the APIs. This section describes how to deploy the Tenant Telemetry, which uses its own back ends, such as Gnocchi and Panko, on a new or existing MCP cluster.


The deployment of Tenant Telemetry based on Ceilometer, Aodh, Panko, and Gnocchi is supported starting from the Pike OpenStack release and does not support integration with StackLight LMA. However, you can add the Gnocchi data source to Grafana to view the Tenant Telemetry data.


If you select Ceph as an aggregation metrics storage, a Ceph health warning 1 pools have many more objects per pg than average may appear due to Telemetry writing a number of small files to Ceph. The possible solutions are as follows:

  • Increase the amount of PGs per pool. This option is suitable only if concurrent access is required together with request low latency.

  • Suppress the warning by modifying mon pg warn max object skew depending on the number of objects. For details, see Ceph documentation.