Add a Kubernetes Node automatically

Add a Kubernetes Node automatically

MCP DriveTrain enables you to automatically scale up the number of Nodes in your MCP Kubernetes cluster if required.


Currently, only scaling up is supported using the Jenkins pipeline job. Though, you can scale down the number of Kubernetes Nodes manually as described in Remove a Kubernetes Node.

To scale up a Kubernetes cluster:

  1. Log in to the Jenkins web UI as an administrator.


    To obtain the password for the admin user, run the salt "cid*" _param:jenkins_admin_password command from the Salt Master node.

  2. Find the deployment pipeline job that you used to successfully deploy your Kubernetes cluster. For deployment details, refer to the Deploy a Kubernetes cluster procedure. You will reuse the existing deployment pipeline job to scale up your existing Kubernetes cluster.

  3. Select the Build with Parameters option from the drop-down menu of the pipeline job.

  4. Reconfigure the following parameters:

    Kubernetes parameters to scale up the existing cluster
    Parameter Description
    STACK_COMPUTE_COUNT The number of Kubernetes Nodes to be deployed by the pipeline job. Configure as required for your use case.
    STACK_NAME The Heat stack name to reuse.
    STACK_REUSE Select to reuse the existing Kubernetes deployment that requires scaling up.
  5. Click Build to launch the pipeline job.

As a result of the deployment pipeline job execution, your existing Kubernetes cluster will be scaled up during the Scale Kubernetes Nodes stage as configured. The preceding stages of the workflow will be executed as well to ensure proper configuration. However, it will take a significantly shorter period of time to execute these stages, as most of the operations have been already performed during the initial cluster deployment.