Use the Alertmanager web UI

Use the Alertmanager web UIΒΆ

The Alertmanager web UI enables you to view the most recent fired alerts and silence them, as well as view the Alertmanager configuration.

The Alertmanager web UI provides the following functionality:

  • The Silences tab displays the existing silences and allows you to define new ones for particular alerts.
  • The Alerts tab displays the alerts in the fired state.
  • The Status tab displays the Alertmanager status and settings.

To connect to the Alertmanager web UI:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. Obtain the Alertmanager hostname (IP address), port, and protocol to use as a URL:

    salt -C 'I@horizon:server' pillar.item nginx:server:site:nginx_proxy_prometheus_alertmanager:host

    Example of system response:

  3. Enter the URL obtained in the step 2 to a web browser.


Starting from MCP 2019.2.7, to access the Alertmanager web UI from an external network, obtain the credentials by running the following commands from the Salt Master node:

salt -C 'I@horizon:server' pillar.get _param:nginx_proxy_prometheus_alertmanager_password
salt -C 'I@horizon:server' pillar.get _param:nginx_proxy_prometheus_alertmanager_user

For more details, see Configure authentication for Prometheus and Alermanager.