Use Grafana

Use GrafanaΒΆ

Grafana is a web service that builds and visually represents metric graphs based on time series databases. A collection of predefined Grafana dashboards contains graphs on particular endpoints.

In Prometheus-based StackLight LMA, Grafana has the following special aspects:

  • Grafana dashboards do not include annotations based on alerts. To view the alerts, use the Prometheus or Alertmanager web UI. Use Grafana only to visualize the data for a selected period instead of cluster monitoring.
  • Grafana dashboards display only the existing information about nodes, disks, interfaces, and so on, according to a particular time frame, which is set to one hour by default. For example, if a node is offline for 30 minutes and the time frame is set to five minutes, the dashboards will not display this node in the drop-down menus. In this case, see the list of alerts in the Prometheus or Alertmanager web UI.


Most OpenStack dashboards include the API Availability panel that displays only the OK or DOWN states and does not display the warning states. For warning states, use the Prometheus or Alertmanager web UI.

This section describes how to connect to Grafana, view the available dashboards, and so on.