Enable or disable VMI and VN statistics collection

Enable or disable VMI and VN statistics collectionΒΆ


This feature is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.12 maintenance update. Before using the feature, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

You can enable or disable gathering of statistics, related to virtual machine interfaces (VMIs) and virtual networks (VNs), by the OpenContrail vRouter agent service and sending it to OpenContrail analytics nodes. Such statistics messages can cause heavy load of OpenContrail analytics nodes on large deployments with huge amount of workloads. By default, disable_stats_collection is set to True.

To enable or disable VMI and VN statistics collection:

  1. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  2. In classes/cluster/<cluster_name>/opencontrail/compute.yml of your Reclass model, specify the required value for the disable_stats_collection parameter. For example:

          disable_stats_collection: True
  3. Apply the changes:

    salt -C 'I@opencontrail:compute' state.sls_id /etc/contrail/contrail-vrouter-agent.conf opencontrail
  4. Restart the contrail-vrouter-agent service:


    Restarting the contrail-vrouter-agent service causes networking service interruption for workloads on the affected node(s).

    salt -C 'I@opencontrail:compute' service.restart contrail-vrouter-agent