Deployment and lifecycle management automation

Deployment and lifecycle management automationΒΆ

MCP utilizes the Infrastructure-as-Code concept for deployment and lifecycle management of a cloud datacenter. In this concept, all infrastructure elements are described in definition files. Changes in the files are reflected in the configuration of datacenter hosts and cloud services.

DriveTrain is the lifecycle management (LCM) engine of MCP. It allows cloud operators to deploy and manage MCP clusters.

DriveTrain implements an opinionated approach to Infrastructure-as-Code. Cloud operators can use DriveTrain to describe their infrastructures as declarative class-based metadata model. Changes in the model parameters are applied through DriveTrain LCM orchestration.

The LCM orchestration is handled by Groovy pipelines executed by the Jenkins server. The configuration management is provided by Salt formulas executed by the SaltStack agents (minions).