LCM pipeline overview

LCM pipeline overview

DriveTrain implements lifecycle management (LCM) operations as Jenkins pipelines. For the list of the components of DriveTrain, see MCP design.

The following diagram describes the workflow of the DriveTrain LCM pipeline:

LCM pipeline workflow




An operator submits changes to the cluster metadata model in Gerrit for review and approval.


Depending on your configuration and whether you have a staging environment or deploy changes directly to a production MCP cluster, the workflow might slightly differ. Typically, with a staging MCP cluster, you trigger a deployment job in Jenkins before merging the change. This allows you to verify it before promoting to production. However, if you deploy an MCP cluster onto production, you might want to approve and merge the change first.


Jenkins job invokes the required SaltStack formulas and Reclass models from Gerrit and artifacts from the MCP Registry.


SaltStack applies changes to the cloud environment.