OpenContrail 3.2 cluster overview

OpenContrail 3.2 cluster overviewΒΆ


The OpenContrail versions support status:

  • OpenContrail 4.1 is fully supported.
  • OpenContrail 4.0 is deprecated and not supported for new deployments since MCP maintenance update 2019.2.4.
  • OpenContrail 3.2 is not supported for new deployments.

An OpenContrail 3.2 cluster contains the following types of nodes:

  • Controller node

    Includes package-based services of OpenContrail, such as the API server and configuration database.

  • Analytics node

    Includes package-based services for OpenContrail metering and analytics, such as the Cassandra database for analytics and data collectors.

  • vRouter node

    A forwarding plane that runs in the hypervisor of a compute node. It extends the network from the physical routers and switches into a virtual overlay network hosted on compute nodes.

  • Gateway node

    A physical or virtual gateway router that provides access to an external network.

The following diagram describes the minimum production installation of OpenContrail 3.2 with OpenStack for MCP: