• Fixed the issue with lost connections that use the Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) mechanism when Service Function Chaining (SFC) is configured with port tuples and the service chain templates v2.

    The connection could be lost once you restarted the active instance of the contrail-schema service that was a part of the supervisor-config aggregate service on the ntw nodes. Only OpenContrail v3.2 was affected.

  • Fixed the issue with OpenContrail v3.2 API server connection timeouts occurring due to an issue with the internal IF-MAP.

  • Fixed the issue with the network connection timeouts occurring when using the Link-Local Services (LLS).

  • Fixed the issue with the contrail-vrouter-agent failing to start with the Module vrouter not found in directory /lib/modules/XXX error after the upgrade of an MCP cluster.

  • Fixed the issue with the OpenContrail web UI displaying erroneous critical alarms for the failed Cassandra database and missing statistics for the configuration database on all ntw nodes in the OpenContrail v4.0 deployments.

  • Fixed the issue with the OpenContrail v4.0 logs from zookeeper/zookeeper.log and cassandra/system.log missing in Kibana.

  • Fixed the issue with the contrail-vrouter-agent service failing to connect to the contrail-control and contrail-dns services and causing the connection down error in the output of the contrail-status command.

  • Fixed the issue with configuration of the access to DNS servers on the compute nodes for OpenContrail 4.0 causing the ContrailVrouterDNSXMPPSessionsZero StackLight LMA alerts.

  • Fixed the issue with ZooKeeper failing to connect to Kafka on all analytics nodes and causing some services being stuck in the initializing state during the upgrade from OpenContrail v3.2 to v4.0.