Addressed issues

Addressed issues

MCP 2019.2.1 update contains fixes for the following issues in the OpenStack Pike release:

  • Fixed the issue with the invalid values for tcp.bind written to the /etc/exabgp/exabgp.env file that caused the Neutron deployment failure during the upgrade of OpenStack from Pike to Queens.

  • Added support for the Neutron network MTU configuration. The new --mtu argument enables the CLI users to set MTU for the Neutron networks.

  • Fixed the issue with the checksums left unfilled by Virtio as a hypervisor internal optimization. Some DHCP clients failed to acquire an address if the checksums were left unfilled during the attempts to verify these checksums. The resolution includes adding of the ip6tables rule to fix the checksum of DHCPv6 response packets.

  • Fixed the issue with a failure of the Cinder volume creation using the ScaleIO driver.

  • Fixed the issue with the nova-compute service failing to start if an instance from the compute node has been evacuated and destroyed after that.

  • Fixed the issue with the disk usage report for instances booted from volumes. Previously, when booting an instance from a volume, the used_disk value in the hypervisor stats was getting increased by the size of the requested volume while the instance itself was not using any hypervisor disk resources.