Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [35639][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue causing live migration and resizing to fail with the Unable to find security driver for model apparmor error message if the Huge Pages feature is enabled. Added the security_driver: apparmor parameter to the Nova Salt formula.

  • [35129][Queens] Fixed the issue causing inability to define custom filters through the Reclass Model.

  • [35834][Queens] Fixed the issue causing Nova and Neutron to incorrectly assign interfaces.

  • [35762][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with the neutron client state failing with the request() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘__pub_pid’ error message.

  • [35763][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue causing failure to list, create, and delete private Nova flavors through Salt states and modules.

  • [35889][Pike, Queens] Updated Django to version 1.11.29 to obtain the latest security fixes.

  • [35772][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with the creation of an encrypted Cinder volume failing with the ImageCopyFailure: Failed to copy image to volume error message.

  • [35902][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue with Neutron attempting to connect to Designate through an unreachable public endpoint URL.

  • [35915][Pike] Disabled the check for bridge creation in case of the Open vSwitch restart. During the Open vSwitch restart, full sync of all bridges is triggered by neutron-ovs-agent.

  • [35839][Pike] Fixed the issue causing the IPv6 fixed address of a port to be assigned and listed as belonging to an IPv4 subnet.

  • [35673][Pike, Queens] Improved the Octavia Salt formula by adding a mine function to obtain the Octavia amphora owner. The new function allows for better control and properly handles the interface to define what type of Glance endpoint to access.

  • [35917][Pike, Queens] Fixed the issue causing novnc to switch to the view-only mode after applying maintenance updates.

  • [35657][Queens] Fixed the community issue causing the designate state to fail due to inability to run the designate-manage database sync command when applying maintenance updates. The issue resolution applies automatically and you do not need to clean up the Designate database manually.

  • [35715][Pike, Queens] Updated the QEMU packages to fix the following security vulnerabilities: