• [35590] Fixed the issue with logrotate configuration missing for ironic-conductor. Now, you can configure log rotation for Ironic. For details, see MCP Operations Guide: Configure log rotation using logrotate.

  • [36161] Updated the SaltStack packages to fix the following security vulnerabilities:

  • [35976] Fixed the issue with wrong permissions for the systemd unit override.conf files in the Linux, Apache, and NGINX Salt Formulas.

  • [36122] Improved the Linux Salt formula by adding the capability to set direct access to some APT repositories when using proxy for the remaining ones.

  • [36124] Fixed the issue with the linux-tools-common package missing in the offline mirror image.

  • [36057] Fixed the issue with some Salt resources ignoring the no_proxy setting.

  • [35930] Fixed the issue with autorotation missing for Dogtag backups, which could cause nodes to run out of space.

  • [36110] Parameterized the logrotate:rotate count for the Apache logs.

  • [35625] Fixed the issue with the script failing to run if an empty directory was present from a previous run.

  • [35357] Fixed the Salt states ID conflicts on the prx nodes.