Known issues

Known issues

This section contains the MCP 2019.2.21 known issues and workarounds. For other MCP known issues also applicable to MCP 2019.2.21, see Known issues and corresponding sections in the previous maintenance updates.

[36960] Redis 5.0 causes update failures in OpenStack Pike deployments

Applying the MCP 2019.2.21 maintenance update to environments with OpenStack Pike and telemetry enabled may fail during Redis upgrade to version 5.0.


  1. Open the cluster level of your deployment model.

  2. In openstack/telemetry.yml, set the Redis server version to 5.0:

        version: 5.0

[33592] The ‘designate-central’ service fails due to database absence

The designate-central service may fail due to a long database absence, whcih may be caused, for example, by the Galera upgrade procedure running long.


  1. Log in to an OpenStack controller node.

  2. Restart the designate-central service on all OpenStack controller nodes:

    root@ctl01:~# systemctl restart designate-central