Issues resolutions applied automatically

Issues resolutions applied automatically

  • [24522] Fixed the issue with multiple contrail-api workers causing newly created OpenStack projects to be invisible in the OpenContrail web UI. Changed the default number of the contrail-api workers to be used in OpenContrail from one to six.

  • [25264] Fixed the issue with contrail-control being inactive on all ntw nodes after restoring the Zookeeper database for OpenContrail 4.x due to an issue with permissions for certificates.

  • [27062] Fixed the issue with the inability to downgrade the python-contrail package on the OpenContrail controller nodes during the upgrade rollback of OpenContrail from version 4.1 to 3.2.

  • [27225] Fixed the issue with Neutron displaying next_hop incorrectly through the Neutron client if a route table is created using the OpenContrail web UI.

  • [27413] Fixed the issue with the Zookeeper - restore pipeline job not supporting the containerized versions of OpenContrail.

  • [27603] Fixed the incorrect default configuration of the ZooKeeper crontab backup schedule set to run every two minutes from 2 to 3 a.m. Changed the default ZooKeeper backup cron configuration from True to False in the ZooKeeper Salt formula since this option must be configured and controlled by a cloud operator using the Relcass cluster model.

  • [28174] Fixed the logic for the OpenContrail services in the backup state to prevent the contrail-schema, contrail-svc-monitor, and contrail-device-manager services from being stuck in the initializing state after the OpenContrail 4.x deployment on the Queens-based OpenStack clusters.

  • [28203] Fixed the issue with Tempest failing to establish the SSH connection to a VM through the floating IP due to the Nova metadata service being unreachable on the Queens-based OpenStack clusters with OpenContrail 4.x.

  • [25629] Removed option noligner from the HAProxy Salt formula for OpenContrail to fix the issue with the Setting -> Config Editor OpenContrail web UI tab that previously raised [SyntaxError: Failed to parse JSON body: Unexpected end of input] in logs.