This section provides the list of the OpenContrail issues resolutions that are automatically applied to your MCP cluster after you perform the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

  • [30480] Added the missing var/crashes directory to the OpenContrail analytics container for the contrail-analytics-nodemgr service to properly handle logging of the OpenContrail monitoring, alarm, and web UI services.

  • [30406] Fixed the issue in the Crossfilter JavaScript library that could cause random data loss and unexpected behavior in the OpenContrail web UI.

  • [29849] Fixed the issue with the network objects such as networks, subnets, and others not being created after the update of OpenContrail 4.x in the MCP OpenStack deployments if SSL is enabled on the Keystone internal endpoints. The fix adds the usage of insecure = true for connection to Keystone through SSL.

  • [29450] Fixed the issue with the OpenContrail Salt formulas using the ifmap-server package for OpenContrail 4.x instead of the internal implementation of ifmap.

  • [29090] Fixed the issue with contrail-config-nodemgr spawning NodeTool.Repair for non-existing keyspaces by removing the keyspace repairing of the DISCOVERY_SERVER service, which is not used by OpenContrail starting version 4.0.

  • [28202] Fixed the issue with infinite connection retries to contrail-api by setting the wait_for_connect parameter to False in the OpenContrail Salt formula.

  • [29809] Fixed the issue with the OpenContrail states failing due to the dependencies of the Python packages for OpenContrail during an initial deployment of OpenStack with OpenContrail.

  • [29253] Fixed the issue with the OpenContrail health check failing due to the non-working confluent-kafka service that often fails on slow environments during the OpenContrail deployment because of connection timeouts. The fix changes the restart option in the confluent-kafka service file.

  • [29041] Fixed the issue with slow logging in to the OpenContrail web UI after upgrading OpenContrail to version 4.1. The fix removes contrail-charts.css from dashboard.tmpl since it is also included to contrail.thirdparty.unified.css.

  • [27600] Fixed the issue with ordering of the schema-transformer objects reinit in OpenContrail 4.1 to avoid downtime during the contrail-schema failover. This fixes the issue of route targets being temporarily removed from an SNAT routing instance during the reinit procedure.

  • [29812] Fixed the issue with the contrail-webui service failing to start after updating OpenContrail version 4.x due to the missing quotation mark in /etc/contrail/

  • [28286] Fixed the issue with inability to select any availability zone in the Horizon web UI while launching an instance on the OpenStack Queens environments with OpenContrail 4.1.

  • [29354] Fixed the issue with inability to list, create, update, or delete load balancers by non-admin users in OpenContrail 4.1.

  • [31269] Fixed the contrail-vrouter-agent crashing during the VrfEntry::DeleteTimeout() assertion.

  • [29190] Fixed the issue with connectivity between the VMs through an external network in case when the VMs were connected to networks with different forwarding modes L2 or L3 (default) and L3 only. The issue appeared when a VM tried to reach the floating IP of another VM through SNAT to an external network hosting the floating IP.