This section provides the list of the OpenContrail issues resolutions that are automatically applied to your MCP cluster after you perform the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

  • [31354] Fixed the following issues with the Cassandra - restore Jenkins pipeline job:

    • Failing because of a syntax error in the DB cleanup command.

    • Using a wrong port to connect to the Cassandra database during the restore procedure.

    • Using an invalid backup for the restore procedure.

  • [25238] Fixed the issue with networks duplication in the Horizon web UI.

  • [31273] Fixed the contrail-vrouter-agent crashing during the in DynamicPeer::DeleteTimeout() function.

  • [31697] Fixed the issue with inability to allocate a floating IP in the Horizon web UI by setting the description field to some value. Added support for the service-type, standard-attr-timestamp, and standard-attr-description missing standard extensions of Neutron. The issue affected the OpenStack Queens environments with OpenContrail 4.1.

  • [29107] Fixed the issue that caused the OpenContrail web UI to end the session and log the user out in case of an error.

  • [32142] Fixed the broken MultiCast tree in OpenContrail 4.1.