Known issues

Known issues

This section contains the description of the MCP 2019.2.7 known issue and its workaround. For other MCP known issues also applicable to MCP 2019.2.7, see Known issues and corresponding sections in the previous maintenance updates.

[34434] Pike to Queens upgrade failure

Fixed in 2019.2.8

The upgrade of OpenStack Pike to Queens fails when running the Deploy - upgrade control VMs Jenkins pipeline job for the mdb role if dist-upgrade is enabled. As a workaround, do not set the OS_UPGRADE and OS_DIST_UPGRADE parameters to True when running the Deploy - upgrade control VMs Jenkins pipeline job on mdb nodes.

[34790][Pike, Queens] The novav21 client state removes hosts from aggregates

Fixed in 2019.2.9

The novav21 client state removes hosts from aggregates if the hosts are defined within the OpenStack compute node definitions and the aggregates are ensured through a pillar structure on the OpenStack controller node.


  1. Open your Git project repository with the Reclass model on the cluster level.

  2. In openstack/control_init.yml, specify the following pillar:

          enabled: true
                endpoint_type: internalURL
                    - host1
                    - host2
  3. Apply the changes:

    salt -C 'I@nova:client' state.apply nova.client

[35156] Loss of SNAT connectivity

Fixed in 2019.2.9

Restarting the OpenContrail schema-transformer service may cause loss of SNAT connectivity for the instances without a floating IP. The issue may also occur during the update of OpenContrail 4.1 when applying maintenance updates to 2019.2.7 and newer.


  1. Identify the router ID and the external network ID for the instances that lost the SNAT connectivity:

    1. Log in to the OpenContrail web UI.
    2. Go to Configure > Services > Service Instances.
    3. Find the affected SNAT instance.
    4. In the Service Instance Details window, obtain the router and external network IDs.
  2. Log in to an OpenStack controller node.

  3. Clear the router gateway:

    neutron router-gateway-clear <router-id>
  4. Reset the router external gateway:

    neutron router-gateway-set <router-id> <external-net-id>