• [34584] Fixed the issue with the incorrect definition of the CephOsdSpaceUsageMajor alert.

  • [32082] Fixed the issue with the 502 Bad Gateway error occurring when opening a shortened URL with a Kibana query.

  • [34330] Fixed the issue with the Top N * filters incorrectly filtering the data records in the Nova - instances, Nova - users, and Nova - tenants Grafana dashboards.

  • [34319] Fixed the issue with the openstack_neutron_port_status metric providing an incorrect output.

  • [34539] Fixed the issue with Telegraf incorrectly calculating the CPU load average if isolcpus is configured.

  • [34261] Fixed the issue with the flapping SystemLoadTooHighWarning and SystemLoadTooHighCritical alerts by changing the average load frequency from 5 to 15 minutes. Additionally, changed the SystemLoadTooHighCritical alert severity from warning to critical.