Known issues

Known issues

This section contains the description of the MCP 2019.2.9 known issues and workarounds. For other MCP known issues also applicable to MCP 2019.2.9, see Known issues and corresponding sections in the previous maintenance updates.

[35146] [Queens, Pike] The novav21 state fails to update aggregates

Fixed in 2019.2.10

While creating an aggregate, the novav21.aggregate_present state outputs IndexError: tuple index out of range. Although an aggregate is created, it is ignored by the Nova state and is never updated.

Identify whether your deployment is affected by the issue:

  • New deployments without aggregates are not affected.
  • New deployments with defined aggregates are affected and fail to create aggregates. No workaround is currently available for this use case.
  • Existing deployments with aggregates fail to update aggregates. The workaround is to create and update aggregates manually using Nova CLI. For details, see OpenStack documentation.