BIRD Internet routing daemon, or simply BIRD, is an open source Internet protocol routing daemon that is responsible for forwarding Internet packets from the source to destination host. BIRD supports the BGP, RIP, and OSPF routing protocols.


BGP/MPLS VPN is an approach to creating Virtual Private networks leveraging both BGP and MPLS on the service provider level. BGP/MPLS compatibility enables cloud network administrators to easily integrate the cloud into existing BGP/MPLS network infrastructure and later manage the cloud network as part of the overall administrative network domain.


Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a gateway protocol that assists in exchanging routing information between autonomous systems.


Bonding, NIC Bonding, or network aggregation is a technology that enables you to aggregate multiple physical links to one network link which helps to increase performance of your network, as well as provides fault tolerance and disaster recovery functionality. Fuel implements NIC bonding through Open Virtual Switch (OVS).

The following bonding modes are supported: Active-backup, Balance SLB (Source Level Bonding), and Balance TCP with LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol).