Nagios is an open-source monitoring solution that enables system administrators to effectively track the status of network, applications, services, operation system, and other critical components of their IT infrastructure. Network traffic and log analyzing tools dramatically simplify network management and troubleshooting while overall improve system stability by enabling system administrators to apply preventive measures on a timely basis.

Networking service

The OpenStack Networking service, or Neutron, provides networking to all components of an OpenStack environment. Neutron provides networking as a service between interface devices such as vNICS that are managed by other OpenStack services such as Nova.


Network function virtualization (NFV) is an approach to network architecture design that divides network functions, such as firewalling, Domain Name Service (DNS), load balancing, and so on into separate virtualized pieces of IT infrastructure.


nginx (pronounced as “engine x”) is an HTTP and reverse proxy server that provides SSL access to the CI/CD components of MCP.