A subscription to 8x5 support for the customer-managed service provided on Mirantis Cloud Platform.


Link Aggregation Control Protocol, or LACP, is a network technology that enables you to combine multiple network links into one logical channel to provide better network performance and redundancy.


Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) is an OpenStack network technology that enables cloud operators to leverage third-party load balancing tools. Using load balancers helps to optimize your environment by using resources more efficiently, maximizing throughput, and minimizing latency.

Lifecycle Management (LCM)

Lifecycle Management (LCM) is both a process and tooling that describe configuration changes, updates, and upgrades of Linux Host OS components, including provisioning, disk partitioning, networking configuration; k8s stack, including Docker and Kubernetes; and OpenStack, including running in Docker containers.

Linux containers (LXC)

Linux containers (LXC) is a virtualization technology that enables you to create multiple isolated systems with a shared Linux kernel.