Keepalived is a framework that provides high-availability and load balancing to Linux systems. In MCP, Keepalived provides a virtual IP address that network clients use as a main entry point to access the CI/CD services distributed between nodes.


Kibana is an open-source plugin for Elasticsearch that enables vizualization of real-time analytics and data charting.


Kubernetes (K8s) is a container orchestration software that combines containers related to one application into a group and provides means to deploy, maintain, and scale the containerized applications across multiple hosts.

Kubernetes Master Tier

The Kubernetes Master Tier runs the services required for container orchestration such as kubelet, kube-apiserver, and so on, as well as the key-value store and networking components required for Kubernetes operation. The Kubernetes Master Tier runs separately from all virtualized components, on dedicated physical servers called Kubernetes Master nodes.


Kernel-based Virtual Machine, or KVM, is a virtualization platform that provides tools to create hypervisor infrastructure based on Linux kernel.