Jenkins is a software build tool that is part of the MCP CI/CD pipeline that is responsible for building, testing, and managing product installation. Jenkins UI is responsible for interaction between the MCP CI/CD pipeline tools and the MCP operator. Jenkins jobs is the primary tool to execute all operations in MCP.

Jenkins Master

Jenkins Master is a Jenkins server responsible for managing Jenkins Worker nodes and assigning particular jobs to specific Jenkins Worker nodes. Jenkins Master executes the required scripts, automates and monitors the build process, and provides links to results.

Jenkins Worker node

A Jenkins Worker node is a server responsible for testing the software code and all types of artifacts before making them available for production usage. In MCP CI/CD pipeline deploys a cluster of Jenkins Worker servers which is responsible for completing such tasks as deploying cloud environments, unit testing, repository updates, and so on.

JFrog Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory is a repository manager that enables developers to track software artifacts from development to production. JFrog Artifactory integrates with a number of CI/CD tools including the MCP CI/CD pipeline tooling and ensures seamless delivery of the MCP artifacts from the internal Mirantis repositories to customers repositories. JFrog Artifactory stores such binary files as Docker images, software packages, and so on.