Enable Cinder coordination

Enable Cinder coordinationΒΆ


This feature is available starting from the MCP 2019.2.16 maintenance update. Before using the feature, follow the steps described in Apply maintenance updates.

To avoid race conditions in the OpenStack Block Storage service (Cinder) with an active/active configuration, you can use a coordination manager system with MySQL as a back end. For example, to prevent deletion of a volume that is being used to create another volume or prevent from attaching a volume that is already being attached.

To enable Cinder coordination:

  1. From the Salt Master node, verify that the salt-formula-cinder package version is 2016.12.1+202108101137.19b6edd~xenial1_all or later.

  2. From an OpenStack controller node, verify that the python-tooz package version is 1.60.2-1.0~u16.04+mcp4 or later.

  3. Open the cluster level of your deployment model.

  4. In <cluster_name>/openstack/control.yml, specify the following configuration:

          enabled: true
          backend: mysql
  5. Log in to the Salt Master node.

  6. Apply the changes:

    salt -C 'I@cinder:controller' state.sls cinder