Remove a node

Remove a nodeΒΆ

Removal of a node from a Salt-managed environment is a matter of disabling the salt-minion service running on the node, removing its key from the Salt Master node, and updating the services so that they know that the node is not available anymore.

To remove a node:

  1. Stop and disable the salt-minion service on the node you want to remove:

    systemctl stop salt-minion
    systemctl disable salt-minion
  2. Verify that the name of the node is not registered in salt-key on the Salt Master node. If the node is present, remove it:

    salt-key | grep <nodename><NUM>
    salt-key -d <nodename><NUM>.domain_name
  3. Update your Reclass metadata model to remove the node from services. Apply the necessary Salt states. This step is generic as different services can be involved depending on the node being removed.