Troubleshoot Cassandra for OpenContrail 3.2

Troubleshoot Cassandra for OpenContrail 3.2ΒΆ

In case of issues with the OpenContrail 3.2 Cassandra database connection, the system response of the contrail-status command can be as follows:

== Contrail Analytics ==
supervisor-analytics:         active
contrail-alarm-gen            active
contrail-analytics-api        active
contrail-analytics-nodemgr    active
contrail-collector            initializing (Database:ctl02:Global connection down)
contrail-query-engine         timeout
contrail-snmp-collector       active
contrail-topology             active


  1. Restart the supervisor-analytics service:

    service supervisor-analytics restart
  2. Verify the status of the Neutron API:

    neutron net-list
    | id                     | name                    | subnets |
    | d6638b91-4e1d-4214-... | ip-fabric               |         |
    | ce66ee12-71b4-44ea-... | __link_local__          |         |
    | d452af3a-3b9f-442e-... | default-virtual-network |         |
  3. Restart nova-api to reflect installed OpenContrail dependencies:

    salt 'ctl*' service.restart nova-api
  4. Verify the system response of the nova list command:

    nova list

Now, the OpenStack and OpenContrail controller nodes are properly deployed.