Troubleshoot HAProxy and LBaaS configuration

Troubleshoot HAProxy and LBaaS configurationΒΆ

The issues with the creation of network namespaces may occur due to an incorrect configuration of HAProxy and LBaaS or due to contrail-svc-monitor not working properly.


  1. Restart the contrail-svc-monitor service by restarting the supervisor-config service group:

    service supervisor-config restart
  2. Verify the OpenContrail status:


    Example of the system response extract:

     == Contrail Config ==
     supervisor-config:            active
     contrail-api:0                active
     contrail-config-nodemgr       active
     contrail-device-manager       active
     contrail-discovery:0          active
     contrail-schema               active
     contrail-svc-monitor          active
     ifmap                         active
  3. Verify the HAProxy configuration created by LBaaS in /var/lib/contrail/loadbalancer/haproxy/${LB_UUID}/.

  4. Verify that HAProxy version >= 1.5 and iproute2 version >= 3.10.0 are installed on all compute nodes.